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Delightful to your site, I think you are searching for Electronics. Now I must present to you the sole product you need to realize, it can be Learn to Solder Kit: Hue. Prior to deciding to shop for Learn to Solder Kit: Hue product, one should know about the high quality. On this subject posting you’ll see much more information concerning Learn to Solder Kit: Hue. This particular Learn to Solder Kit: Hue are probably the preferred supplements for the Rocket Department, sign in forums investigate the important points with this blog article.

The Information about Learn to Solder Kit: Hue

About Hue
Hue is our second Learn to Solder Kit. Hue features one large RGB LED and three small dials. As you turn the dials the brightness of the red, green and blue values change in the LED. Try different combinations to make any color in the rainbow! This kit is designed for beginners but is slightly more difficult than our Blink Kit.

About Learn to Solder Kits
These fun kit teaches basic soldering skills. Perfect for getting hands on experience creating electronics projects. Inspired by doing outreach with high school students we wanted to create kits that used the highest quality parts and gave a sense of accomplishment at the end. Each kit comes has an interactive design so makers can enjoy and share their project. These kits are great for schools, home school students, workshops and weekend projects. Our kits are designed and packaged in Sacramento, CA.

Buying in Bulk?
Check out our Educator Pack, also avaliable on Amazon. 8 Hue Kits for $119.00! Search Learn to Solder Kit: Hue (Educator Pack) to find the listing.

Board Name: Hue
Version: 1.0
Battery: 3V

Package Includes:
1 x Hue PCB
3 x Resistors
3 x Potentiometers
1 x Coin Cell Battery (3V)
1 x Battery Holder
1 x Parts List

A link to detailed online instructions with full color pictures is included with the kit. There is also a contact email at the end of the instructions if you have any questions.

Tools Required (Not Included)
Soldering Iron (Required)
Solder (Required)
Wire Cutter (Recommended)
Helping Hands (Optional)

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